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A Good Look with Poetry,Bars and Hooks

Updated: Jan 20


Kim “GoodLook” Seabrook is a proud native of the Bronx, New York. She is a professional poet, published author, entrepreneur, actress, host, radio personality for iHeart Radio on Power 101.9, producer and the list continues. GoodLook Seabrook also has a poetry soul album available on several platforms. One of her songs from the album has been featured at New York fashion week. She created a book with the same title to follow that album where she uses it in schools and workshops to help people of all ages deal with past issues and assist in teaching those to be present with self.

Kim has survived several things in her life and she now lives in her truth, turning her adversity into the GoodLook brand. Kim utilizes her sultry voice, hip-hop culture, New York hustle, and unapologetic spirit to encourage and inspire others through speaking engagements, from domestic violence workshops, schools and all types of social events. Kim is well known and respected in the hip-hop community.

She has written for magazines, produced television and radio shows and has interviewed some of the greats of hip-hop, community activists, politicians and more. Kim has shared her talents in an off Broadway musical “Ghetto Chronicles “ where she consistently had sold out shows. Ovation TV created a television commercial for her about her arts in the community which aired during a Michael Jackson special. and is still available for view on-line. You can also find her in the upcoming Shyne documentary. She has been on the stage since a young girl and it shows in her vibrant personality. Kim has the talents and energy to accomplish it all and that is either in front of the camera or behind, either way, she can shine.

Kim currently has a radio show on iHeart radio, which is called A GoodLook with Poetry Bars and Hoo

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