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Tany Talks live is your new radio bestie

Tany, Your Radio Bestie. Native Nuyorican from The Bronx. She has earned her degree in communications and broadcasting in NYC . Becoming a Media Personality is her dream come true. Starting out doing Instagram Live videos from home, has gotten her noticed and support by some of industry’s most well know professionals. Tany brings a new flavor to on air radio.

Host of her own show Tany Talks Live! An interactive talk show with heavy audience involvement. The audience submits their suggested topic that are then, voted on in a weekly poll on IG. The viewers get the opportunity to choose the topic and appear on the show as a guest to discuss it . Your Radio Bestie offers a safe place to speak about various issues and opinions where there is no set solution but opens up the conversation for alternative perspectives. Tune into Tany Talks Live! A talk show like no other.

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