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From the Producers Point of View Pete Rock & AMXXR

In this episode of “The Lesson Plan,”with @Milk_Millz and @Dwimuzik, we speak to super producer Pete Rock, as he shares the main ingredients to success.

Some of these traits include trusting your ear, digging in the crates for samples, and putting in the time to hone your craft as a deejay and beat selector.

Born in the Bronx, Pete also known as the “ Chocolate Boy Wonder,” was influenced by the soul sounds of James Brown, and the Juice Crew’s Marley Marl. Rock is often credited for pushing hip hop forward by being one of the first to merge hip hop and jazz.

Growing up in a loving Jamaican family, he found a passion for music, cooking, and comic books at an early age and later moved to Mount Vernon , New York,where he was inspired by creatives such as Felicia Rashad , Ozzie Davis, and his older cousin the late Heavy D .

The interview takes a somber twist as he talks about the tragic death of child hood friend , Troy Dixon, which inspired the epic “ T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You.)”

But Pete takes great pride in knowing the global impact the tribute song made in honoring his friend.

In this lesson plan, Pete Rock gives you the blueprint of what it takes to have a career as one of hip hop’s most credited producers.

Relax and take notes! ( Words by David Lopez)

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