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Allison Grace Edwards


“Unable are the loved to die. For love is immortality.” “Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy.”


The advice you definitely need to hear and take!

Allison @ DSN w/ King and DWI

A random turn of events made this interview happen. Coincidence? or Fate?

 A guest couldn't show up and to keep the show going, Allison got in the hot seat. The interview got pretty deep as the question of life and death came up. Here is her message about death and how we should live before we're called home. You truly never know.



Allison The Author

Allison Grace always knew she was a bit different and proves it every time with a new novel. Allison began her love affair with words at a tender age and grew to become an avid reader and writer going on to create an extensive catalog of unpublished works including poetry and short stories. see more...

About the Book:
Coryn Turner grew up without love. Her father whom she adored died because he loved two women the wrong way. Her mother loved her father more and abandoned her in the worst way possible. Growing up was a challenge but she made it through with "odd jobs" here and there. Reality throws a wrench in her normal life when she encounters a man that changes her life and she can't pay her way out of it. The only thing she has that's valuable, she may lose unless she pays with money or her life!

About the Book:
The highly anticipated to the much talked about Prepaid Mistress.... If it wasn't for bad luck, Coryn Turner wouldn't have any. Losing her parents, especially her mother at an early age taught her that one must go after what they need at all costs. Losing her son taught her that love trumps family. After finding out that she has a sister, Coryn is determined to someday connect the dots on her long lost family. When a reconciliation is allowed she decides to accept it and doesn't know that the one she felt she knew is the one that would ultimately save her. With bloodshed, sex and lies Coryn's life gets more interesting. Money proves to be the "route" of all evil and sex rules the world that she lives in.

About the Book:
Taryn Durand believed in happily ever after but the man she married didn't believe in her. After being married to someone that didn't love her or want her happiness she sought it out on her own in a way no one imagined. Taryn eventually gets her mind, body and soul right and in that she meets Asher. There's something different about Asher yet he knows there's something different aboout Taryn. Soon the differences that keep them apart will bring them together and they will be fighting to either stay together or live their lives separately. Will true love prevail?

About the Book:
Tamika Adams never lost in anything she did as a child. Now all grown up she's seeking to win in the battle called Love. Soon she meets a suitable opponent in Quincy Thompson, a man who definetely brings his A-game and quickly sweeps her off her feet. When their two worlds collide, its filled with passion, love and sex. However lurking in the shadows are secrets and lies from the past that will turn their world upside down and cause their alliances to shift. Will they continue to play on the same side or will their fight for love simply be a recipe for disaster!?

About the Book:
The Sizzling Sequel to "Broken Promises Never Mend" continues with the journey of Love, Lies and Betrayal when one family is torn apart by a catalyst of events that will leave no one knowing who the other really is. Do we ever really know the one we love? Tamika and Quincy are thrown into the land of uncertainty when the past catches up to them and leaves them trying to figure out how to either cover it up or admit to secrets that just may tear them apart forever!!!

About the Book:
There are friends that are like family and family that become enemies. In this clique no one is safe. Kolisa and Danee' are sisters with a dark secret. It has haunted them for many years and affected their relationships. Their desires have affected their friendships also. Some in their immediate circle. Eva loves hard but her love of success and money has caused her to miss out what's most important in life. One night her life changes and she carries it with her causing her relationships to suffer. Will she ever find love? Anaiya is married to Marquise who is a popular football player in the NFL. They both love each other but their indiscretions have caught up with them and affected their marriage. When secrets are revealed, they both discover where their alliances lie and if they can go through the storm together. *NEW COVER, NEW DETAILS, SAME OLD DRAMA*

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