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The Morning Influence: Fashion Designer and Artist Tamil Robinson

In this episode of The Morning Influence (TMI) with host Steph Carnegie and Damien Williamsthey interviewed guest star Tamil Robinson @tamilinternational. Tamil has been a professional Fashion designer and Artist from Newark Jersey for over 40 years. At the start of his career designing streetwear in his neighborhood that was closely referenced to Black fashion styles in America. Slowly over time, he rose to fame with the knowledge and experience he gained from his mentors and teachers at Newark's famous Arts High School. Throughout his time at school his original goal to enhance his designs of streetwear, however, slowly changed as he learned the value of broadening his horizon in his fashion designs instead of just sticking with his knowledge in only streetwear. Tamil's first big opportunity was when the Fashion Industry of Technology (FIT) offered him the chance to present his designs in one of their renowned shows to showcase both students' and professionals' designs. This event gave Tamil's artistic designs to be showcased in the professional world and allowed his presence to be more known. This event showcasing his designs allowed his career in the future to rise to what it is now. Tamil’s combined techniques using traditional art materials in acrylic, oil, watercolor, etc., and his talent and experience in designing fashion using different kinds of textiles, yarn, and other fabric materials allowed him to shine through the rest of the competition. Tamil’s words he announced to Damatrix Studios podcast, only created a lasting impression and inspiration for the future artists and designers for the younger generation. February 21st 2024. 

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