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Women's History Month: Women's impact in Hip Hop

Celebrating the beginning of March, the month of spring, the month of music in our schools, but also one of the biggest celebrations nationally, it is Women’s History Month. Women have dominated multiple occupations throughout history, one of the many occupations is their influence in Hip-Hop music.

Hip-hop is a musical culture that gained influence and popularity between the 1980s and 90s, focusing on topics such as anti-drug and anti-violence. Hip Hop has a variety of instrumental and lyrical movements including drum beats, poetry, raping, and dancing. The cultural movement of Hip-Hop and the impact it has made in the music industry, allowed the musical movement to grow as large as it is internationally due to the strength many strong and talented women made.

Some of the many women who have impacted Hip-Hop and used their unique lyrical verses and style are Lauryn Hill, Missy Eliot, Eve, MC Lyte, and Nicki Minaj. These skilled and talented women in Hip Hop allowed artists including Cardi B. Flo Mili, Ice Spice, Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, City Girls, and many more female artists to be given the freedom to express themselves in the traditionally male-dominated industry. The artistry with Women in Hip Hop allowed Hip-hop to evolve in the genre allowing the freedom of expression for women and allowing the musical movement to expand internationally. This allowed the genre to expand to other cultural music and have hip-hop elements to be included in their music.

Even though many women have had many accomplishments in their creation in Hip Hop music, women still face challenges in this male-dominated industry, including sexism, and homophobia, and are constantly looked down upon. However, women will still dominate the field and continue to expand their influence and impact to both the youth and old alike.

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