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Stephanie Carnegie TMI: Feat. Designer Tamil Robinson & LeeAnn J.

Entrepreneur, mental health advocate, executive director of the Totality Wellness Inc. company (@totality.wellness), and host of the Damatrix studio podcast The Morning Influence (TMI) Stephanie Carnegie @steph.carnegie. In her current podcast of TMI, she had guests Tamil Robinson and LeeAnn J. at her show. When she interviewed professional fashion designer, Tamil Robinson, he went into depth about how he became the famous and unique fashion artist he is now through his mentors and the fashion showcases he was able to experience. During the end of the show, Tamil gave a special speech on the importance of continuing to learn not just by yourself, but from other people and professionals to gain their knowledge and experience to improve your artistic value and knowledge. Stephanie's second guest LeeAnn J., discussed the death of her loved one Fred the godson, and how the challenges of a loved one's death can impact yourself and the people who were close to them. Their discussion left an impactful conversation not just for Fred the godson’s loved ones, but everyone who lost someone important in their lives. Although Stephanie is an important public speaker, host, and advocate, she also is an upcoming author with her new book “A Piece of My Heart”. Stephanie always dreamed of being an author since she was little and has finally been able to complete her dream in her new book. In her book, she incorporated daily quotes to help both herself and the people who have her book to create a more positive outlook and create a self-care health book. One of her quotes as a new author is “Trauma not transformed is trauma transferred”. If you enjoyed her new quote as a new upcoming author, check out her book on Amazon Stephanie Carnegie “A Piece of My Heart: A Little Book of Affirmations, quotes & scriptures”. Overall Stephanie Carnegie is a powerful and influential woman who promotes the wellbeing of people, young or old, and is a believer in the impact the new generation will have on the world. February 22, 2024.

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